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(11-18-2017, 06:56 PM)UngerWoo Wrote: Admittedly, I could have used a better term than "money grab." I was complimentary of the soap and I still enjoy using it -- as I said in the earlier post. In the earlier post I even said every formula I've bought has been good, and I admitted perhaps part of the perception rested with me when I used the phrase "sour grapes on my part." So I'm wondering if maybe your response to my original post might be a little strong.

I have spent quite a bit of money on CRSW soaps and aftershaves over the years (I probably have about 20 soaps and many of the various aftershave formulas that you've released -- is that $500-$600 worth of product?) -- and I guess the last time I bought five of the soaps in the white containers and matching balms at a cost of close to $200, only to see that iteration change seemingly weeks later, it left a bad taste in my mouth. Just my opinion. I don't recall any other soap I use changing things up as frequently, though I understand it happens.

It sounds like others have been critical of this practice -- I hadn't seen that in the past and I haven't mentioned it in any of my posts until today. I understand that you feel defensive about your work, but I hope you can also understand where I'm coming from. Congratulations on your charitable work.

I’ve sent you a PM in the hope we can come to an understanding.

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How DARE you improve the product line and make me fall prey to my curiosity?? Shy

I still have pucks to finish off (yes... after these years... I do not practice monoshavesoapism) and a wood bowl you promised to refill when/if I empty it.  And the tins!  My kingdom for your tins!  No more dead dinosaurs encapsulating your soap.  Can I get Glide* in a tin?  Please, please, please.....

*Yes, I'll be buying but still using the old stuff.

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