01-07-2017, 06:21 PM
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How do Vie Long silvertips compare in softness and density to a Kent BLK4? 

I like the softness and loft of the Kent, but I would like a little more face feel when face lathering. I don't want more scrub; instead, I would like a bit of an ever so slight massage or light pressure, or resistance, from the tips when face lathering. I don't splay brushes on my face--I only use the tips when applying lather. 

Do the knots vary from handle to handle? For example, will all 24mm knots with a 57mm loft feel basically the same, or will certain handles have denser knots than others? I'm thinking of the 16551, 16552, and the 16510 in particular.

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 01-07-2017, 06:36 PM
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There's a lot of ppl that really enjoy vie long silvertips but to me the hair had a touch of scritch in the epsilon when it was wet. Very very soft dry though. Idk I sold it after a handful of uses and everybody seems to thoroughly enjoy the silvertip offering so who knows.

What about thater or shavemac. I haven't tried silvertip offerings but their 2 bands are very soft with a bit more face feel and backbone. Another option would be saville row, known for soft luxurious knots, made by shavemac to their spec

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 01-07-2017, 10:42 PM
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Some Vie Longs are on the scratchy side but for the couple silver tips I have tried, they are not subpar. I find that they are closer to being untreated or pure badger. So you may find at the first use and during a break in period, that the tips have some scrub. But you may also lose that or it may keep that gentle scrub. 

I checked out one of the Red/Clear handled ones earlier last week and loved the feeling of the knots shape, give, hold and soft tips. I think it was a 24mm by 57mm loft. You mentioned that you like to feel and use the tips with a bit more finesse as do I so don't be afraid to get a taller lofted more bulb shaped knot.

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