01-12-2017, 07:06 AM
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As I continue to go thru my den and figure out what i like and don't like i have up for sale another beautiful straight, this razor rarely gets used anymore and I can use the $$ to direct towards another project.

The razor with come freshly polished and honed/stropped to a shave ready condition right out of the box, here is the info and pics:

Maker:Otto Busch Weltmeister
Blade: Stainless 6/8
Hone wear: Minimal or none ( depends on what you call wear )
Razor is tight within scales and centers as it should
Price with tracking provided: $125 ( CONUS Only )
Shave Ready: Yes ( Bevel 1K Chosera, 4/8K Shapton Glass Mid and Narutaki Asagi JNAT Finish, Stropped )

Please feel free to ask any questions, note only razor and original pouch is included in sale, display razor is on is not included.

[Image: QJVgC2X.jpg]

[Image: eVOJe5m.jpg]

[Image: 4chXONo.jpg]

[Image: 3gqzN1E.jpg]

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 01-18-2017, 01:13 PM
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Razor has sold please achieve, Thanks TSN !!!

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