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So I'm going to Hungary and Croatia next week, and it got me thinking about a potentially useful travel thread. I'll be looking for Barbon, Derby and Figaro creams while in Hungary, but also any wet shaving related items of interest. For instance, what blades might be available at the local drug stores? I'm checking a bag for this trip, so I'll have blades covered. There are times, however, when I fly internationally with only carry on baggage. For those times, it would be cool to know what products are readily available in certain countries at common brick and mortar retail establishments. Do drug stores in Rome carry Bolzano blades? Do stores in Osaka carry Feather?

I call on any travelers on this forum to share what they found and where.

From my experience...
Nicaragua: Bring anything you need. This is a cartridge only country.
Italy, Greece, and Japan: Wasn't wet shaving yet so I wasn't paying attention.
Hungary: Barbon and Figaro are available, but look in supermarkets instead of the drug stores marked "gyogyszertar" with the neon green crosses. In Italy, you could find hygiene items in these pharmacies, but in Hungary they are mostly prescription dispensaries. I couldn't find Derby anywhere. Be careful if you want figaro to buy the green "foaming" and not the tan "non-foaming." Prices were between 405-529 forint, where 222 forint=$1USD. I also found Wilkinson Sword 5pk in the black plastic tuck for 329 forint. The black Wilkinson razor was also available at one grocer for around 1500 forint, if I recall. Keep your eyes open. The blades and razor were near the register instead of with the shaving needs.
Croatia: Inconclusive. I was in Zagreb and Zadar for less than a day and a half and didn't have time to browse drug stores. Zadar is a fantastic coastal village and I will definitely make another opportunity to visit at some point in the future.

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I was in Puerto Rico earlier this year and found Red Pack IP's everywhere. They were a bit expensive so I didn't stock up on them but it was nice to know.
The last time I was in Europe I wasn't wetshaving so I didn't notice but I'm going to Hungary in September as well so I'm looking forward to hear your report.

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Add Russia to that list. If you ever get a chance to visit, almost everywhere cosmetics are sold there are shaving creams, balms, and splashes.

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