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Please add $2.50 to help with shipping whether you buy one or more item.

This is a GEM "Open-Comb" Micromatic single edge safety razor from the 1930s.  These open-comb Micromatics are generally seen as one of the most aggressive single edge razors. This one has a lot of cosmetic wear as the pictures show, but works as good as ever.  $7.50 plus shipping.
[Image: SmEtcPO.jpg]

[Image: 0zlAaxi.jpg]

Next is a GEM Featherweight single edge safety razor made in the 1950s.   The gold metal parts have the little fine scratches and bumps that these razors get from normal use but the little white handle is still pretty.  It works as good as new.$7.50 plus shipping

[Image: tsVD4CJ.jpg]
[Image: mJHHRT3.jpg]

This is a Gillette "Single Ring" Old Type double edge open comb safety razor made somewhere between 1921 and 1929.  Most of these Old Types have a crack in the handle as you see on this one.  The crack on this one has been stabilized with epoxy for now.  Most of these types have some of the corner teeth bent in as you see here with a couple of them, but this one has no teeth missing.  $12.00 plus shipping.

[Image: KudbKis.jpg]

[Image: j0XJ4lK.jpg]

[Image: PnIo1eR.jpg]

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