01-27-2017, 10:05 AM
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When Phil released the Asylum Rx I let my hoarder tendencies get the best of me and I bought more than one. However, this incredible razor is built like a tank, and I can only drive one tank at a time, so I am selling the spare. I have shaved with it a couple times, but it is like new.

When available the razor sells for $230. I am asking $210 shipped CONUS via Priority Mail, and will include one brand new pack of Feather blades, which the buyer can select: Feather ProGuards, Professionals or Professional Supers. I will sell one of each at additional cost.

Please PM if you have any questions and thanks for looking.

SOLD - Thank you buyer and TSN!

[Image: IMG_3125_zps7yaffpp2.jpg]
[Image: IMG_3126_zpsh3iwpnvu.jpg]
[Image: IMG_3127_zpsvhtjyql0.jpg]
[Image: IMG_3128_zps1uvs9xf3.jpg]
[Image: IMG_3131_zps3tkkhjiw.jpg]
[Image: IMG_3134_zps2oqwfk82.jpg]
[Image: IMG_3135_zpspqxcmech.jpg]
[Image: IMG_3136_zpsxh5st71u.jpg]
[Image: IMG_3137_zpsdkumsd9y.jpg]
[Image: IMG_3138_zps2pcm1pqe.jpg]
[Image: IMG_3139_zpsmbk5yify.jpg]
[Image: IMG_3141_zpsygthmo64.jpg]
[Image: IMG_3142_zps7ojleygr.jpg]

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 01-27-2017, 10:34 AM
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Beautiful photos! GLWTS

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