01-30-2017, 02:26 PM
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Last year I was finally able to hunt down my holy grail of razors: a King Cobra paired with a custom UFO Titan fine handle.  I had been using my own King Cobra for some time, but this particular pairing is just exceptional.  I may come to regret this listing, but I have not used the razor in a couple months and hope it can find a new home where it will get the use it deserves.  This combination cost $464 new - $239 for the King Cobra and $225 for the UFO - and I purchased it for $400.  I am asking $385 shipped CONUS and will include one package of Feather blades that the buyer can choose: Feather ProGuards, Professionals or Professional Supers.  At this time I am not interested in any trades.  

NOTE: This razor does NOT come with the original stock, black handle.  It was not included when I bought it and, in my opinion, I do not know why anyone would even want to use it when you have this glorious UFO.   Blush

Please PM if you have any questions, and thanks for looking!  (Merkur Man, I hope you do not mind that I borrowed the awesome photos from your original sale thread.)

[Image: b704eab2b40a4dede16bbbf00370455a.jpg]
[Image: 0a5bd6284309df442a0ffd6dc4aea73b.jpg]
[Image: ee583ba10a26a7ddb0de815f77dcb579.jpg]
[Image: 8e24a986ec488bdcb0d1999e774ef3de.jpg]
[Image: 98b3b045c3e3d47feefe373852e07ce7.jpg]
[Image: 8c9a16bca5b92ffccc8f1f82872842a3.jpg]
[Image: b7a267d96fcab8f9587396c916e1a922.jpg]

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