02-02-2017, 05:10 PM
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I am clearing out some space in my den and have the following available:

*Wolf Whiskers Brush with Black Wolf Knot. Retails for $85. Asking $65 shipped. Sold pending funds

*Fine American Blend Aftershave. NEW. Retails for $15 + shipping.  Asking $15 shipped. SOLD.

*Pennhaligons Blenheim Bouquet Aftershave. Used 1x. Retails for $97 + shipping. Asking $60 shipped.

*Myrsol Blue Aftershave. Used 1x. $20 shipped. Retails for $28. SOLD
*Myrsol Blue Eau de Toilette. Used 1x. $30 shipped. Retails for $38.
-Will sell both together for $40 shipped.

*Myrsol Don Miguel 1919 Aftershave. Used 3x's. $20 shipped. Retails for $28SOLD
*Myrsol Don Miguel 1919 Eau de Toilette. Used 3x's. $30 shipped. Retails for $38
-Will sell both together for $40 shipped.

*Antica Barbieria Colla. NEW, $45 shipped. Retails for $59 + shipping. SOLD

* CRSW Select Puro Fresco V2. NEW. $25 shipped. No longer available at Retail. SOLD

*Colonia di Agrumi Shave Soap (used 1x) and 2oz Aftershave (NEW). $20 shipped. Limited Batch run.  No longer available. SOLD

*Dirty Bird Lather Bowl. $18 shipped. Retails for $22 + shipping.

MLSW Shampoo Bars. Grand Havana (2 available). Kraken (2 available). Add On to any purchase for $5 each. Retails for $5 each + shipping.

La Toja Manantiales.. 98% remaining. Unobtainable. Will only trade for Unused Santa Maria Novella Shaving Cream V3.

The only trades I'm willing to accept are for Unused Santa Maria Novella products.

CONUS. Not responsible for leaked/damaged aftershaves in transit, but will pack to the best of my ability to prevent.

Message for combined shipping. Thanks all![Image: RoV8dGS.jpg][Image: LzKKaW6.jpg][Image: 9gASpOD.jpg][Image: JpYDRSg.jpg][Image: 5a8Xmty.jpg][Image: HPCf76m.jpg][Image: 7IR4lMP.jpg][Image: RTNZIyc.jpg]

[Image: LfYW4A2.jpg][Image: idA7foa.jpg][Image: 0Dtuv1t.jpg][Image: SnulpsC.jpg]

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 02-03-2017, 01:16 PM
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I'm interested in the dirty Bird bowl. I sent a pm but got no response. Can you pm pics of the inside and bottom of the bowl please?

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 02-04-2017, 04:51 AM
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PM me if the brush deal falls through.

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 02-04-2017, 08:24 AM
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I have messaged multiple times for the dirty Bird bowl with no response....

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