02-05-2017, 08:32 AM
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Sapone di Paolo - Agrume & Terroso (SOLD)

I greatly enjoyed a tub of V1 Agrume last summer. It became my favorite Lime scent. So fresh and vibrant. I was looking forward to trying the V2 formula this year and decided to get Agrume again, plus another scent. I like Terroso even more than Agrume. It's a beautiful, warm scent. However, once i lathered and put it on my face, there it was, the fiery burn. I've been experiencing this more and more lately. Very sad that I will have to let these go. The Terroso was used 2x (1x was a test lather). The Agrume is NEW/unused. They retail for $14 a piece + shipping, and I'm selling them for $22 shipped.

[Image: RrYJc6p.jpg]
[Image: nrQZN3A.jpg]
[Image: RxQ0he2.jpg]

Feel free to PM with any questions.

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