08-13-2012, 12:10 PM
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Here is a beauty 5/8 Kiebitz 150 "Friday" it has a worked spine and etched blade everything is pretty good condition and it shaves like a dream and the razor will come shave ready. I'd like 45 for it plus 3 for shipping
[Image: 49E343B5-067A-49A7-AA1B-BFD07713FD62-441...1E45CB.jpg]
[Image: 01A8CA92-ADC7-4A99-A083-866B3B280EDE-441...2B65FD.jpg]
[Image: B76145AE-567D-4677-AE69-EBF793C4D585-441...6C4D78.jpg]
[Image: 3D20F2F1-F9C0-45DC-A282-815527866140-441...4E8FF4.jpg]
[Image: 173DC06B-A524-4EE2-BBD4-A02E51F499FE-441...E7B68F.jpg]

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