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Maggard's current two band knot in a Razorock Beehive handle. I bought a second knot and put it in another handle it's so good. Specifically the 28mm knot. It took a couple + few more uses than similar brushes to come into it's stride, but once it loosened up it's been epically good. 

The 28mm is a large knot that needs 30 to 32mm socket in the handle. It's slightly larger than I prefer for a daily driver but it's got everything going for it that I like. 

It's at ~30mm X ~56mm in the picture above. I can't put my finger on it, but it's something special. Interestingly enough to me the smaller 22mm Maggard two band knot is similar to this big one and performs exceptionally well also set at a higher loft. I think I set the 24mm too deeply as it's just not as sumptuous feeling to me.

The 28mm Is also what I decided to put into the Adoration brush I restored. With the holidays behind us I am looking forward to having a little bit of time to get it broken in and into my rotation too.

[Image: JDbzHED.jpg]

Otherwise, my honorable mention list of favorites for face lathering includes the Paladins, Shavemac D01 two band, Elite Razor Manchurians, and Simpsons: Manchurian, Two Band, & Best badger.

I do enjoy the Declaration Brushworks knot in my Wild West Brushworks handle too, but I don't use it often enough. It's my pride and joy and I think I talk myself into saving it for special occasions. I'm going to have to get past that because it's really unique and fun to use.

The thing that I enjoy about the Maggard's knots is the firmness and density. They're not super soft. So I can get a fair amount of scrubby feeling going if I want, but they're not scratchy or overly dense either. That makes them capable of feeling very gentle and soft as well while performing well. The density has an ideal balance for me of flow through and face feel. The tips are soft and the individual strands of hair are robust enough to have above medium backbone with no hint of flopping. 

The magic happens when I get my lather consistency just right. I've read about this sensation before. Suction or pulling. Literal suction effect. This phenomenon I thought was just a figure of speech when I first read someone else describe it. With a dense well hydrated lather on a firmer soft tipped badger brush that's well loaded, a certain motion and just the right amount of pressure creates a cupping feeling. A pulling up sort of thing where it's almost like the knot has grabbed a hold of the skin and you can let go of the handle. Feeling a wet soapy suction cup that's soft and warm is borderline not safe to say anymore beyond that. It feels very strange and awfully nice. I didn't go looking for it, but I'm happy to have found it.

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