02-09-2017, 10:30 AM
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Hi all. I have a few extra Strop Shoppe Soaps I've been hanging on to that I am wanted to clear out to make some room in my den. I have the following available:

Strop Shoppe Barbershoppe. NEW. SOLD

Strop Shoppe Black Tie. NEW. SOLD

Strop Shoppe Teakwood. NEW. SOLD

Strop Shoppe Date Night. NEW. SOLD

Strop Shoppe Alpine Frost. 98%+ remaining.

These are no longer made. I'm asking $20 each shipped or $85 shipped for the lot. CONUS.

[Image: 48a7802825447338213b273369b6a335.jpg][Image: 04724dfc9dd6f74bbb2d27a9fe9a3bee.jpg][Image: 81bc553e356414afcf211d73a18eef07.jpg][Image: d7794040ceb4d891182434eaacb7d835.jpg][Image: fd993be7918c2d2c7e5af5f9329270c0.jpg]

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