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I'm clearing out some items from my shave den because I have too much and need to make room for new acquisitions.  Some of my surplus is going into a March PIF, and some of it is available here.  All prices include shipping to a CONUS/APO/NPO address.  PayPal.  No trades please. 

1.  Chubby 2 Synthetic Brush.  This needs no introduction.  The CH2 is my preferred synthetic.  I purchased this cream colored brush in November 2015 as a backup to my first CH2 synthetic.  I then subsequently acquired other CH2 synthetics in different colored handles and don't need this backup any longer.  This brush has a knot of 28+mm and a loft of 52+mm.  It had only been used once until recently, then used a few more times this month.  I am the original owner.  This brush comes with the box.  Retail price from Simpson is $87.00, excluding shipping.

Sale Price is $50.00.  SOLD

2.  Bob Quinn Custom Synthetic Brush.  Bob's superb brushes are well known here on TSN.  I am the original owner of this brush, and purchased it from Bob in November 2016.  It has a 24mm Plisson type knot from Maggard Razors, set to a loft of 55mm.  Excellent synthetic performance in a top tier handle.  Very lightly used.  The only reason I'm selling this brush is that I've decided the Chubby 2 is the only synthetic brush I'm keeping in my rotation.  Otherwise, everything about this brush makes it a keeper.  Retail price is $69.95 ($63.00 for the handle and $6.95 for the knot), excluding shipping.

Sale Price is $35.00.  SOLD

[Image: ECvpexF.jpg]

3.   CRSW Premium Lot.  These three soaps are from the recent introductory release of Larry's new Premium line.  Superb performance with lovely, sophisticated scents.  However, I just prefer the scents in Larry's Select line and have too many soaps to keep any that I'm not totally enthusiastic about.  The Cypress was used once, rinsed out thoroughly, then allowed to dry before the top was put back on.  The Lavish and Juniper are brand new and have never been touched by water or a brush.  Due to the low price of these items and the cost of shipping, I'm only selling them as a lot.  Retail price is $57.00 ($19.00 each), excluding shipping.

Sale price is $35.00.  

[Image: rmqiQEx.jpg]  

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