02-16-2017, 07:39 PM
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I've got a few beauties up for grabs tonight. Payments via PayPal, and shipping included in prices. Please pm interest. Listerine not for sale ya filthy animals. No trades please...

First up, the gorgeous Timeless Scalloped cap and 0.68 standard gap polished and scalloped head mated to the pineapple handle. Only sign of use is the swirl abrasion where the handle meets the underside of the head. Boxed. Shaves like like a rabid skunk in heat that ate a special brownie. Smooth. $210 in this configuration from Timeless. Asking $170 shipped. Priced sweet because a cool member here was cool to me. That's how this all works folks.

[Image: 4CT9Kce.jpg]
[Image: qyNWZir.jpg]
[Image: Gn7qIWY.jpg]
[Image: MkR8yxW.jpg]

Next up, the mighty Blackland Blackbird in lightly grained finish and muted corners. Comes with long matte handle. Boxed. New is $169 and the long handle is no longer available.
$145 shipped. Priced nice because a gracious person here passed his kindness on to me. SOLD

[Image: YfAZRfJ.jpg]
[Image: JWE2qhq.jpg]
[Image: UHLmATC.jpg]
[Image: mlVAH5f.jpg]
[Image: nOCYZrn.jpg]

Next up, a very rare bird- the Henckels open comb slant. I've never seen another, and I've been paying attention for a few. 3pc razor, and yes, it fits most other handles you are salivating to mate it to. Very few flea bites for it's age. I tried my best to show the Henckels logo stamped into the upper left corner of the inside fabric on the box lid. Hard to see, but it's there. $175 shipped. I paid much more on eBay 6 or 7 years ago when the double edge smallpox hit the Southeatern US. SOLD

[Image: lalx6s0.jpg]
[Image: Vjg7TuK.jpg]
[Image: zpkROFN.jpg]
[Image: UnyUtxJ.jpg]
[Image: iE1AnKs.jpg]
[Image: xI7SnIF.jpg]
[Image: zA9Pxjn.jpg]
[Image: VyQGPtN.jpg]
[Image: msDm8OC.jpg]

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 02-17-2017, 10:37 AM
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Nice offerings.  Good luck.

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 02-17-2017, 06:05 PM
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All sold, thank you all!

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