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Lots of stuff to clear out that doesn’t get the attention it deserves. The prices are factored for US shipping with delivery confirmation. Insurance if you want it will be extra. While not fond of doing international as insurance and delivery confirmation are way extra, I will work with you as long as you are fine with this and pay extra shipping. Take 3 off for all items but the scuttle which is 11 for that. All payments via Paypal please.

As there are a lot of pictures, please go to this link to my photo album to look at what you want.

Brushes –

New Forest 2201 Original 2-band –

[Image: NF22011.jpg]

I bought this awhile back and haven’t used it a whole lot. I’m not sure how much the previous owner before me used it but he took good care of it. I have used it about 7 times. Note the ink smudges on the handle were his attempts to seal it with clear nail polish and it smeared a bit. There’s nothing else wrong with the brush. The handle is good and so is the knot. I’ve never had problems with shedding. It is a very soft brush when wet. It’s very similar to Rooney 2-band heritage if you have used it, and it would make a nice starter brush..

I would like $26 shipped first class for this brush.

Edwin Jagger Faux Horn Synthetic badger –

[Image: ejsynth1.jpg]

Here’s another brush that has slipped out of use with me. I find that I like the new Muhle Silvertip fibres much, much better, and so this doesn’t get as much use now. This is another brush I’ve bought from another used and don’t know how much use they had on it. I’ve used it 20 times with only 1 fiber that fell out during all that use. It’s a beautiful little brush, and while not the best synthetic I’ve used if you’re curious to try a synthetic, or want to reknot it in the future it’s definitely got a beautiful handle I feel!

I would like $25 shipped first class for this brush.

Muhle Silvertip Fibres (AKA synthetic) –

[Image: Muhle1.jpg]

Yes even the Silvertip Fibres is going although I love it much much more than the EJ synthetic! That’s only because I want a larger size. This is great stuff for being a synthetic knot, and while not exactly the same as badger, it does a scary good job of getting most of it right while having some perks. It holds the water better but also releases it better but doesn’t have the capacity to hold as much as a badger brush and have to reload too much. Maybe it’s just me, but I just feel a larger one would be preferable to me. I’ve never lost a fibre with this brush and have only used it 4 times.

I would like $53 shipped first class for this brush.

Vulfix 404 Grosvenor Boar/Badger Mix -


Well this makes the second time I’ll be selling a Grosvenor. I regretted selling it and not having a badger and boar mix, but ever since the Caravela came out it’s seen very little time with me. I actually liked this one even better than my first as it was a bit better, and had better backbone. I’ve used this brush 20 times and during that time 23 hairs fell out. I have no worries that it’ll hold up, just some loose hairs working up. Also a note with this brush handle it has an air hole in the material on it in one spot. It might be hard to make out from the pictures. I sort of liked it when I saw it as it seemed to have a Marilyn Monroe vibe. It adds a bit of character.

I would like $25 shipped first class for this brush.

Penworks LE Finest Butterscotch –

[Image: Penworksbutterscotch.jpg]

To be honest I’m not really sure why it was called a LE butterscotch. They sale handles that look like this one in shape on their sister site, but I have to say the color of this looks much better, so it is more special there. I’m coming to find the more I use TGN knots they’re just not for me in use. I really don’t want to reknot it so I’ll simply sell it. I find the TGN knots have a tendancy to hold onto water.

I’d like to sell this for $36 shipped first class for this brush.

Vulfix 2235 Super Badger –


I bought this as I had a 2233 before but it was too small and found it for a good price and figured I’d give it a try. Alas this one was too big. I’ve only used it 6 times and only had one hair fall out from it. If you don’t like very soft brushes this one isn’t for you, but if you don’t mind that it doesn’t have the backbone of other brushes, this will lather up a storm, and the rumors you can’t face lather or load a soap with it just aren’t true. I thought I might try a 2234 sometime, but thankfully I found a custom Vulfix Silvertip brush that cured that.

I’d like $37 dollars shipped first class for this brush.

Rudy Vey Custom Key Hole –

[Image: RVKeyhole16mm1.jpg]

I’ve had this for awhile and while it’s a beautiful brush, it’s just too small for me and my face doesn’t agree with the best badger knot. It’s prickly yes, but not as bad as some. It doesn’t help that it’s set so low. I tried awhile back selling this and no go and figured I’d try again with this. I’ve used it 24 times and the brush has lost 39 hairs. They were more towards the beginning and it’s settled down now. Every 3rd or 4th shave it’ll drop a hair but I think this has to do with how deep the knot was set. The handle also has what are air voids in the material in two spots on the handle. I tried to pick them up as best as I could. A lightbox is a major to do item for me… I had paid 69 originally for this and it will come with a little travel tube Rudy shipped it with.

I would like $33 dollars shipped first class for this brush, and I would also be willing to consider trades. Razors, brushes, cologne, blades, just about anything.

Rooney Stubby 1 2-band Heritage –

[Image: RooneyStubby1.jpg]

I got this brush when the 2-band Heritage first started coming out. While I enjoy the handle very much which is a rarity as I don’t tend to like short handles, I don’t enjoy the hair. If you’ve ever heard about the hair being almost gel-like soft, I find it a very accurate description of the brush. It’s also strange in that it’s more absorbent of water. While I like softness, I want to feel the brush working too, and this is just too much for me. Absolutely nothing wrong with this brush. The knot is shaped extremely well, I’ve only lost 1 hair from it during 20 uses, and it works great with face lathering. I just wish it had a bit more scritch to it. Great quality, just not my cup of tea to say on this.

I would like 112 shipped first class for this brush.

Shavemac 177 silvertip –

[Image: Shavemac1772.jpg]

This is funny as this is the second time I’ve decided to sale this brush. I sold it and bought an even larger Shavemac which I eventually ended up trading with the fellow I sold it to back for this brush. I love the hair of the knot, but not particularly keen on the handle, but more so the knot is a bit too pointy for my liking. I’m not how much he used it, but it still looks to be in very great shape, and I haven’t used this one much myself. Never lost a hair on this.

I would like 65 shipped first class for this brush.

Semogue 2040 HD Silvertip –


This brush’s spot got stolen by the LE 10 for the most part when I got it. I still do like the brush, and have had no problems with it other than a smudged sticker during transport, I don’t find myself really reaching to use it too much. I try to shy away from just keeping them on display, but it can be hard, especially with this being acrylic which I have a weak spot for. I lost 11 hairs with this during 16 uses. It has a good density for having a high loft, but if you want sheer density it won’t be for you.

I would like $87 shipped for this brush.

Rooney Emillion 2 Faux Horn 3-band Heritage -


I never thought I’d really come to this but I’ve realized I’ve been more enamored over this brush than anything and it really doesn’t fit in with what I like. This brush is just beyond insanely packed. It looks and feels denser than a Chubby 2 2-band. Heck any brush I put it up against. This thing is just packed to the gills with 3-band Heritage hair. You really need to use some product with this as it just doesn’t flow. It feels great, and a bit hesitant about parting with it, but I can always get another Emillion handle from Lee. This was a limited run that Vintage Blades had and you can’t find the 3-band Heritage now. I didn’t keep an exact count on this but it’s under 20 uses and very few hairs lost from it. Something like 10 if that. It just isn’t a shedder.

I would like $155 shipped first class with insurance for this brush.

Omega 6551 Finest Silvertip –

[Image: Omega65511.jpg]

The curse of the too short of a handle hits here. I was trying to avoid too large a loft back then, but now I think I would’ve been fine with a 6550. For my hands though something about the Alpine stag horn is just too slippery for my fingers. The knot has a good density as well, and if you need density I think this might be the closest you’ll get from an Omega badger, and to boot it’s an exceptionally beautiful brush. At least I feel so! This one is hard to part with as I asked for the best one from the vendor, and they delivered. It’s just a beauty all around from the handle to the knot. But I want to use what I have. I’m going to have a huge enough collection when I finally am happy, and so I shall part with this. It’s only lost 25 hairs in 20 uses.

I would like $125 shipped first class for this brush.

M&F 1/2 Clone –

[Image: MF1_21.jpg]

The handle on this is just getting to where I no longer care to use it. It’s a great brush and has had no problems with shedding. Only 10 hairs in 9 uses about. Still not broken in. This brush compared quite favorably to a Rooney Finest in 1/2 I had for a short time. Yes it’s not the same, but I kept this longer than I did the Rooney Finest 1/2 as I liked this one better, and do like the knot still. I’ll end up getting another someday.

I would like $85 shipped first class for this brush.

Vie-long “El Toro Ganso” aka “The Bull Goose”

[Image: ElToroGanso1.jpg]

This was a limited run of brushes made for Phil awhile back. You can of course get these still, and nothing has changed between the models. This is a good all around brush, and while I like the brush overall, it could’ve been a bit bigger for me. I had no problems with any hair falling out with this brush, but just because some will fall out doesn’t mean it’s no good. I’ve used this about 16 times.

I would like $67 shipped first class for this brush

Shavemac 3-band D01 23mm/45mm loft Extreme Flat Top, or as I call him, Guile –


Well as much as I love looking at this brush, I really just don’t use him too much. This thing spreads during use like there’s no tomorrow. I bought this from another fellow who had given it a bit of use at about 60ish uses and 20ish for myself, but it’s still in great shape. If you’re wanting to try an extreme flat top here’s your chance!

I would like to sell this brush for $103 shipped first class for this brush.

Vie-long 16510 –

[Image: vielong165103.jpg]

After much thought I’ve decided that the loft on this is just too long for me, and with Phil’s new Beehive styled brushes coming out soon, one of those in silvertip is sounding quite good with a lower loft and extra stuffed. Now not to say this is floppy, or it doesn’t have backbone. It does a decent job with soaps, but I find myself wanting it a bit shorter and a little denser. I’ve used the brush 22 times and it has lost 18 hairs.

I would like $95 shipped first class for this brush.

Lot of shaving brush stands –

[Image: Lottastands1.jpg]

I no longer use any brushing stands so these can go. One of the black ones I filed down to fit a Chubby 2. It didn’t fit so securely, but if you want that one too I’ll include it. The other 5 though are in good condition and if you insist on a stand you can pick them up from me for about half off what it would be to get the same number with shipping!

I would like $18 shipped first class for these stands.

Dirty Bird Pottery Shaving Scuttle original size in blue rim on spice –

[Image: DirtyBirdBlueRimonSpice1.jpg]

I’ve decided that shaving scuttles just aren’t for me. It’s either too big or too small, or the scuttle heats up the lather too hot. I’m happy with just a bowl I picked up at a Ross store and a mug. The scuttle has been very well taken care of and has nothing cosmetically wrong with it. The handle of the scuttle though is a bit crooked which you can see when looking at it and feel when you hold the handle a bit. At least it is to me but that’s all.

I would like $48 dollars shipped priority mail for the scuttle.

Muhle R89 Safety razor –

[Image: MuhleR891.jpg]

When I found out that there was now a Grande R89 I decided that was for me and I was right. While I enjoy the smaller one, this is just a much better fit for my hands. This R89 has been taken well care of by me, and a quick polish I gave it really makes it shine and looks like it’s new. A few spots on the threads of the cap which were hard to polish out were really the only noticeable signs it has been used.

I would like $40 shipped first class for this razor.

Merkur Futur Matte Chrome Safety Razor –

[Image: MerkurFuturMatted1.jpg]

I had to finally try a Futur out to give it a try, and it is a nice razor, but there’s too many things for me that just aren’t a go for me. It’s harder to get around my lips with this razor, and even with the matte chrome it is still a bit slippery. I’d like some textured knurling or something to help with this. The cap of this razor came with a few tiny spots and sections that didn’t get coated as well as they could of. They’re small, but the Muhle definitely has a better finish and refined quality than the Merkur.

I’d like $60 shipped first class mail for this razor.

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Some choice deals here.

The stag horn Omega is lovely.

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 03-11-2012, 12:36 AM
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PM incoming on the Vulfix

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 03-11-2012, 09:26 AM
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Wow - Monster is right. A great offering of brushes with good prices that should fit a variety of budgets. That Rooney Emillion in 3 band and the M&F clone are tempting.

Good luck with the sale!

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Wow! Nice offerings.

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 03-11-2012, 01:15 PM
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Thanks all!


Vulfix 2235
DB Scuttle
Brush stands
M&F 1/2 clone
Rooney Emillion Limited Run
Shavemac 177
Penworks Finest
New Forest 2201
Merkur Futur Matte Razor


Muhle R89
Muhle Silvertip Fibres
EJ Synthetic

I'd update the original post but hitting the image limit again. Also the 2201 should have been 25 instead.

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lots of temptation here... someone better buy some brushes soon

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 03-11-2012, 04:21 PM
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Wow, this is like a tour of Hall of Fame shave brushes and razors and a great scuttle.

Great buys for someone - Good Luck with the sale.

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I'm so glad I finally got a Scuttle. Thanks Kooshman

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No problem Dave, I hope you enjoy it!

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Well since things are standing still at the moment I thought I'd add some brushes in that I'd be interested in and could possibly work out a trade. Also, I forgot to write on in the 16510 that the brush at the base has some little indents in the brush handle near the bottom. Look at the photo album for that brush specifically and you'll see what I mean.

Brushes I will consider:

Omega Model# 627
Muhle Silvertip Fibres 23mm white preferrable but other colors considered
Simpson Colonel X2L
Commodore X2 or X3
Emperor with 3-band super 2 or 3 preferable
Classic either size really
Key Hole 4 Best
Fifty Series 59 Best
Harvard 5 or 6 Best
Persian Jar 3 in 3-band super
Major in Super
Shavemac 163 in Silvertip stock

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