02-24-2017, 09:16 AM
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brush is sold, blades still available.

For sale is a brush with a Brad Sears handle and an Envy White knot from Nathan Clark. Very nice figure in the faux horn handle. 60mm tall with a 26mm x 50m knot. The original knot in this handle was removed and replaced with the Envy White knot. The knot has good but not excessive firmness, soft tips. There is a small amount of scritch that seems to mostly disappear during lathering. Although not visible to the naked eye, there is a very minor roughness on a small part of the handle from the transplant. I couldn't get a very good photo as it is small. $60 shipped, about half of what it would cost to replicate.

Also for sale is a Kai SE blade lot consisting of a sealed 24 pack of Captain Original blades, also one sealed pack of 20 Kai Mild and another opened container of Kai Mild that I believe contains about 15 blades. $35 shipped[Image: 621b542c08c403c1668b6f191b59a2a6.jpg]
[Image: 1d1cdba59a90561f5d86ffd7ed38cb0d.jpg][Image: 97cc5f052ecb6eee4708a9e15aae0bf8.jpg]

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