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[Image: c4c86f6909a1f4e1806c3ba2ed5dacbe.jpg]

This is another fantastic stainless steel razor made in USA.

I have been testing many razors lately , and one of my favorite have been this : the Timeless TRH1 handle with a 0.68 mm gap closed comb head.

[Image: 69240ccc771f09eac6675906d5576605.jpg]

The presentation of this razor , once again , like with many quality razors artisan made , perfect in its box and the foam protection.

The design of the TRH1 is very Classic as well as balanced for me.The handle has a length of 85mm and its weight is 103 grams.

Of course is made with stainless steel and it's finish is just perfect.The knurling allows you to hold the handle with confidence , even with wet hands.

[Image: 53d4066ac16ba55d3420e2d81aca767d.jpg]

The closed comb head is one of the smoothest ones I have tried , as well as effective.I have tested this razor with Astra Blue , Astra Greens and Gillette Platinum and the results are always more than pleasant.

If you have shaved with a Gillette Rocket UK or an Aristocrat N58 you know how smooth they can Shave you , but if you add more efficiency to cut the beard hair , then you have the 0.68 mm closed comb head.

You can use this razor for your daily shaves and it will respect your skin as well as keep you well groomed.My shaves with this razor last over 9 hours.

However , if you have a very coarsed beard , I'll go for a more aggressive closed comb head.

[Image: dc8a7bfd6446bfd1ab5b647043024ead.jpg]

If you are looking for a stainless steel razor , to be used daily , this could be a perfect choice for you.

Cost 185 dollars but this is a razor is made to last forever.Very happy with this acquisition and I totally recommend it.

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 02-26-2017, 09:46 AM
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Both of my Timeless razors have the pineapple handles. I have been eyeballing the TRH4 100mm handle. Their new handle is pretty interesting looking as well but not quite for me.

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