02-26-2017, 06:15 PM
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SOLD !!!!!!HMW 30mm “The Paragon” –$195 Shaving brush in Curly Poplar absolutely beautiful handle and great brush hand lathered two times to get the funk out, the brush is ready to go

100% Made in Italy. Handle in Curly Poplar wood. Pure pewter crown ring.
Measures: knot 30mm, loft 53mm. High Mountain White Badger from Manchuria. Free shipping Conus. International available!!![Image: 92c13e4d0555b441b41f3bde52cdaef7.jpg][Image: f0c32dc9ca31b0761fc86bf1b7a9ad25.jpg][Image: cc6d53d66453e429137cda8c75a23fe4.jpg][Image: 524b6ac5557c8a3ebdc58e1ca126b56c.jpg]

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