02-27-2017, 06:23 PM
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I've been DE shaving since the first of the year. I have a Sample Pack of Blades from which I've used in order, Merkur (came with the razor), Feather, Kai, Merkur, Feather and Kai. My technique has steadily improved to the point where the past month I have DFS everyday and BBS a few times per week.  Now here's my dilemma, today I chose a BORZANO Superinox and fought with my shave every step of the way; I even nicked myself for only the second time in two months. The shave was close to what I'd been getting but I doubt the blade has more than a couple more decent shaves left in it. My question is.......Is there really that much difference between the top tier blades I started with and the BORZANO or has my technique gone to hell overnight?

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 02-27-2017, 06:28 PM
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I don't like Bolzanos, but chances are your technique deteriorated. 
If you have a magnifier, check the edge. It might be nicked or something.

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 02-27-2017, 06:52 PM
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I have no experience with Bolzanos, but from my own experience blades are very much a YMMV thing.  There are blades that folks love that I don't get along with and vice versa.  If you were getting good shaves with the other blades, I suspect the Bolzanos are just not your thing.  Try a few of them though, because sometimes you just get a bum blade in the bunch.  Good luck!

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 02-27-2017, 07:01 PM
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I can't speak for everybody but I have those days, the days when despite a good preshave, a good attitude and proven formula, things just don't work out. While it is true that a blade change can cause negative return, it's also true that I can see screw up a perfectly good shave.
It's also a fact that as I have figured out what works for me, I've also learned to trust my gut and this has helped my confidence. For example, I shave with a certain blade quite often and not long ago I got a bad blade, instead of blaming myself for the awful first pass I stopped and swapped out blades, with another trusted blade, then continued my shave. I was pleased with myself for recognizing, sooner than later, that the blade was defective.
I'm not gonna talk brands and I still use the brand that failed me, that day, with great pleasure.
So sometimes it's you and sometimes it can be a defective blade.
The trick is trusting yourself and don't be too proud to just stop mid-shave and change a blade.

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 03-11-2017, 10:17 AM
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I've not tried that particular blade, but I have experienced my own issues with certain blades - including those I consider "top performers" giving me periodic issues like yours.

Technique and consistency are huge factors I've learned.  Just when you think you've got your technique and consistency down you experience something that proves otherwise.  I'm always working on both.

Sometimes your skin just goes through brief periods of "breakouts" - whether because of irritation from earlier shaves, allergies, or other anomalies - and voila - bloody mess.

Sometimes you get a bad blade from an otherwise good batch.  Happens.

Sometimes you get a bad brand of blade.  Sometimes a bad blade among a bad brand.  Dump 'em.

Blades are cheap though.  If you've got ones that work and you like, stick with those.  And continue working on your technique.  And if there are still issues - maybe take some Claritin.  Smile

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