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Shipping within the USA is included

SOLD Romera Blonde Horn Manchurian brush
32X54mm bulb knot
Soft tips and a moderate backbone
Not a shedder
(Paid somewhere between $230-250)
[Image: fec44e675aaf7d6f1bf9671bcb6263e3.jpg][Image: 1e169a5842f1911ea1d10df9da60ba41.jpg][Image: a5f45e6aaf46f137fa30badab4e6476d.jpg]
SOLD Doug Korn D7 w/Tipsoft Manchurian knot
28X50mm knot tha has soft tips and a strong backbone
Not a shedder
(Paid somwhere @$160-170)
[Image: 7838e9f987fb99e62a97880e5f9a5951.jpg][Image: 9e4620203ceede1fe2811fa6ea896847.jpg][Image: c5f5c89d65768f467fec8cce693c8cf3.jpg]

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Wow!  Nice brushes, good luck!

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