03-04-2017, 12:32 PM
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Hello all - I'm slowly whittling down my collection a bit and getting rid of stuff that isn't getting much use.  Currently, with my beard, that includes a lot of the larger stuff...

Up for sale is a custom 8/8 Inox Livi razor with buckeye burl scales, a Spanish point, and a beefier feeling "half hollow" grind.  I purchased this razor about 3 years ago but have not used it much due to the large size.

Purchase price was $700 from SRD, and just checking now, it appears that the only way to order a razor is direct from Livi, with prices for the customs being a rather bit more expensive...

My price is $450 shipped.  

Very smooth shaver, but a serious pain to hone.  2 layers of tape seems to be the sweet spot for it, and it is freshly honed off a coticule, shave ready to my standards.

Let me know of any questions you may have.

[Image: HXkQeAr.jpg]

[Image: 5ttBV3l.jpg]

[Image: VMNXDqE.jpg]

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