03-05-2017, 12:54 PM
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Hello everyone,
Last month of February we took on board more than 50 new references in our shop. This month has begun with the arrival of New Proraso range & new Razor Master shaving soaps.
1. Proraso has expanded the product range of the Wood & Spice, Azur Lime and Cypres & Vetiver scents. A new shaving cream of 275ml, a new aftershave balm and a range of 3 colognes; http://www.giftsandcare.com/en/160-new-products-

2.      We have also expanded the range of Razors Master shaving soaps with the new Ines (Peppermint Vanilla) & Erin (Lavender). Shortly in stock; http://www.giftsandcare.com/en/139_razor...ving-soaps

3.      We have also expanded Fine Accoutrements product range with the Italian Citrus Shaving Soap & Aftershave and the Lather Bowls ivory/white and black/grey colours ; http://www.giftsandcare.com/en/138_fine-accoutrements

4.      From RazorRock, Emperor, Countryside & The Dead Sea aftershaves and Emperor, Countryside y Caribbean Holiday shaving soaps; http://www.giftsandcare.com/en/154_razorock

5.      In February we also took on board 7 references from Antica Barberia product range by Mondial. A new citrus range which includes Afterhsave splash, cologne, shaving soap with bowl and 1 Kg format, and pre-shave; http://www.giftsandcare.com/es/96_mondial

6.      The new Edwin Jagger “Special Edition” safety razors, Rose Gold & Rhodium; http://www.giftsandcare.com/en/106-edwin...fety-razor

7.      We have added in our offering The Piccadilly Shaving Co. shaving creams lime, sandalwood scents and unscented, ; http://www.giftsandcare.com/en/156_the-p...shaving-co

8.      For those that have beard and / or moustache, Mr Bear Family beard care products have landed from Swede. I apologise by the fact that we’re missing product information in English (it will be shortly translate it!); http://www.giftsandcare.com/en/160_mr-bear-family

9.      The new Derby Black Premium double edge blades; http://www.giftsandcare.com/en/20_derby
10.   We also have a promotion in place on Bolin Webb until 19th March. We will offer free of charge 4 Mach3 or Fussion cartridges with Bolin Webb razors. Make sure you pick-up the razor with Gillette logo to get those 4 free of charge cartridges; http://www.giftsandcare.com/en/143_bolin-webb
We also offer now Gillette Mach3 cartridges; http://www.giftsandcare.com/en/gillette-...ach-3.html and Fusion cartridges; http://www.giftsandcare.com/en/gillette-...power.html

Thank you for Reading & we’re working on new novelties.

[Image: bYhxcq.jpg]

[Image: BzX5Fl.jpg]
[Image: KyNmNa.jpg]
[Image: REVtCB.jpg]
[Image: hRmwNG.jpg]
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[Image: aOwiMk.jpg]
[Image: 8XbXnC.jpg]
[Image: 2olpbb.jpg]
[Image: JXBdR7.jpg]
[Image: GoQIqD.jpg]
[/url][url=https://imageshack.com/i/po47S5gpj][Image: 47S5gp.jpg]

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Those are a lot of nice new products Juan.

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