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Prices include CONUS shipping
OS set with with Seafort mug and Palmolive and Williams vintage $65 shipped- one OS is used in the mug and the other is sealed.
Bakelite tech and replayed gold tech, comes with sealed blue blades $30
Worcester razor with new wood scales, pins are need to be tightened $55 shipped
Blue Pav gen 1 Plisson paid $85 asking $55
Laths set paid $43 asking $30
SC set paid $60 asking $40
Ladas and Polsiver paid $$34 asking $30
New Hydra small, reef point admiralty, and strop shop paid $40 asking $30
Fine set both veriver splashes, platinum, and Ab soap and splash paid 73 asking $50
Baum.be used a lot but still a good amount left. no 10 barely used, and Xpec more than half full paid $93 asking $50
Jolly Roger paid $45 asking $37
[Image: 1246cbdf0257b5f8eb7d65608df5f996.jpg][Image: ed0b71ac75dbb00bf8680889b6d75e2d.jpg][Image: 29c9754b9af0a75a17f5b6971c727bbd.jpg][Image: 6846ec6ab9c741f1fcdb1136e32f10c3.jpg][Image: efaef6fcc984f605332b75e96fe85f4a.jpg][Image: 1582deda761ddae8df18d6c4f19a6a2c.jpg][Image: 4c072b70a427f4c73a7af7948e284478.jpg][Image: e68dddf3768c82af04f5152e77c30537.jpg]

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