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Not too long ago I was reviewing the WSP HMW Stubby brush , which I consider to have one of the best badger hair out there these days.

Well , my natural curiosity did lead me to order a Premium Silvertip Stubby , to compare it with the HMW.

[Image: b4f32a377e9feb41f9f4567fa8ec7e8a.jpg]

As many of you already know , I prefer 3 band badger hair over 2 band badger hair.I remember when WSP launched their first shaving brushes back in 2013 , that their Silvertip was in the same league than shavemac , Thater and Vie Long Silvertip.And yes , those are big words here.

Well , this 2017 Premium Silvertip batch is playing on the same league than the very best Silvertip/super badger hair out there.

[Image: 270a8a7811868d10e456e43e539309d3.jpg]

The WSP Stubby I have named it the "Chubby 1.5" : is not to big like the Chubby 2 or just not a small as the Chubby 1.It has the right size of you're looking for a medium/big brush.Not too big , not too small.Simply the right size.

It's hair is just as good as many of the European brands , as I have mentioned it.Tips are extremely soft , but haven't been bleached.Of course they have a white color but you can see that is natural , not a ultra white color :

[Image: b6b66fc7bd816109b7746cd0e24deed2.jpg]

It's density is very high.The Silvertip hairs are thinner than the HMW so you can pack more hair on the knot.And when I say is very high , trust me , is packed to the extreme.

[Image: 44e37730029814db0e1af0ba08b94b9b.jpg]

So , how does it compares to the HMW one ?

The tips are soft right away , while with the HMW needs some use to get the softer tips.The HMW has more of a natural backbone (the hair is flexible but not like the Silvertip) , but since the Stubby Silvertip is packed with so much hair , you don't notice it that much.The Stubby Silvertip is far , far away from being a floppy brush.

A pic of it after a couple uses :

[Image: a18fdd36f052abd9c63a7fee4c705bdf.jpg]

And with the HMW one :

[Image: 27d195cf7d4b148cd2bc0e4c0891df9f.jpg]

Due to it fan knot shape it blooms a tiny little bit more than I like , but not by much.

Using this brush , like the HMW , is simply a pure luxurious experience.The feeling on the face while making lather is absolute a pleasure.Massages so gently and smooth that creates addiction , I would say.

Works very well with hard soaps , creams and croaps.

This brush can hold a lot of water , so be careful with that when loading soap or cream.I have found that I don't need to add more water to my lather once I start building it.

Also expect some shedding on the first uses , which is normal due to the insane amount of hair :on the first use I gave to this brush lost like 12 hairs , 10 on the second and few more during the 3rd and 4th use , but none after the 5th use.

For 119 dollars this is another brush I can totally recommend if you are into a luxurious brush experience and you like 3 band badger hair over 2 band.

Very happy with my two Stubbys.

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