03-16-2017, 12:08 PM
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Hi guys. I have a couple razors I want to put up for trade. Nothing particular in mind, so just let me know what you have. If software, please only new.

I have the following:

*Gillette British Aristocrat

*Oristo Stealth

CONUS. PM with any offers... Thanks![Image: b5d5777088f2bdadaa834cdffe174785.jpg][Image: 27228adf96557202508fb4e0aa97e89b.jpg][Image: a892276c5dec067257b54f0f45f0c52c.jpg][Image: 433dd97bd680f92b0c103be7d6859571.jpg][Image: ecd9aab8c002f121eeafbc03f0b41692.jpg][Image: ce2679b6d282532002198924e034434d.jpg][Image: b3ab6f4b5cd36b9ed8f6cc463a7aa415.jpg]

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