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Rare M&F L7 blonde 22 x 47 bulb in butterscotch, handle is 55 total height 102. The knot head/bulb looks a little bit out of balance that is because the knot has never been used, it has never seen seen water. I ordered this brush from Lee 3 years ago and it has been laying on it's side for these last 3 years. Once lathered the balance will come back and the knot will start to express itself with a beautiful bloom.

I could leather it up and create a bloom for a better image but I would rather it be brand spanking new. Also the only way for you to get a 22 these days is to special order one, you'd have to ask Brad about this. I am asking what I paid that includes shipping $185.

The brush on the left is for comparison, it is 24 x 50 1/2 fan it is not for sale or trade so please don't ask. Thank you for looking.

[Image: 0qpIys5.jpg]

[Image: 6CfYarn.jpg]

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