03-17-2017, 02:26 AM
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About one year ago I bought a tube of Omega shaving cream (with Eucalyptus oil) and absolutely loved the scent.

Lathering the cream was very easy and scent strength during and after the shave was very nice and long lasting.

But the problem I continuously had was a residue build up during shaving that would cause the razor to stick. I tried more water, less water, more cream, and even added a few drops of glycerin. Also tried a fresh rinse of the razor after vs rinsing in the sink bowl.

The residue would never appear with any of my soaps or croaps.

This residue would appear every time I used the Omega cream and any of my modern, chrome plated razors. It was really useless and uncomfortable, so I turned the Omega cream into an occasional shampoo.

On a whim, I used the Omega cream this morning with my nickel plated Gillette Slim. Voila!! No residue. I think it has to do with the nickel vs chrome plating.

And now, another cream back in the rotation!

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