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Dave, thanks for an interesting thread, which I know took a lot of time an effort to put up.  I think most of us understand that the thread represents only one man's subjective opinion.  Nevertheless, it was enjoyable reading.

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Wiborg White vs. The Varlet Mega v1.0
[Image: Z4ezOxh.jpg][Image: GdboVag.jpg]
The Varlet Mega on the left

The Varlet came to market almost two years ago with immediate acclaim.  Reintroducing a completely handmade brush, made entirely here in the USA, by one man's own pair of hands, The Varlet proved that American brush craftsmanship was not indeed dead.  Although there are some serious issues keeping up with the demand, those of us lucky enough to acquire a brush from Aldo have almost unanimously praised his efforts.  This brush is the original incarnation of the Mega which is an unique design that gives homage to the Chubby, yet stands on it's own with it's well thought out curves.  The Wiborg, meanwhile, is a variant of the XL series from Rooney which Florian has pulled off very well.  Some of the other Wiborg designs seem a bit too clunky and unrefined for my tastes, but this Marshall looks very compelling when sitting next to all of the brushes in these comparisons.  Both brushes look great and they also feel comfortable in hand.  The finishing on The Varlet is a bit better in both polish and branding, but the Wiborg is no slouch.

The knots on these brushes share some similarities, but also behave quite differently in use.  The finished Finest badger knot on The Varlet isn't perfect with several stray hairs protruding above the others, however the shape of the knot is FANtastic and is packed, but not overly so, with velvety tipped hair.  The sensation on my face is as soft as it gets without having a true gel-like feel.  When starting to face lather The Varlet feels rather firm until a small amount of pressure is applied at which point it splays rather easily.  When the pressure is reduced the knot quickly returns to a precision controlled state allowing the lather to be painted on right where it's needed.  The Wiborg splays a bit easier, and in opposition to The Varlet, the backbone is more resilient as the pressure increases.  I should point out that I never mash a brush against my face, I am only applying a very light pressure, just enough to mix in the water additions to the lather already on my face and on subsequent passes to release the lather from the knot.  Much like yesterday's comparison with the Chubby 2, I didn't want to put either brush down as the lathering experience was so enjoyable with both.  This is another very close battle, however The Varlet [to me] walks away the winner due to it's slightly softer tips and the original and ergonomic handle design.

This is the last head-to-head comparison I will be doing as I need to send this brush back to it's rightful owner before leaving on vacation.  I thank you all for taking the time to read my reviews and again for sharing your thoughts.  I don't expect everybody to agree with my findings and that is with good reason.  We all have different tastes in brushes, whether they be slight or vast, and the most important difference (and the reason I buy and sell so many brushes) is that we are dealing with [mostly] natural products with variations in hair batches and being handmade allows for variations in both handles and knots.  I can say with certainty that this Wiborg brush is definitely a top-tier performer, but it is also the only Wiborg brush I have had the pleasure of trying.  I will continue my quest to acquire one of these brushes and can only hope that Florian returns to a level of production that will allow all of us brush aficionados an opportunity to purchase one.
I appreciate your honesty but you just stated the biggest problem you only tried one Wiborg brush. The Wiborg brushes that I own come out on top of the chubby 2 and the Varlet which has great workmanship. My Wiborg  has soft tips they are gel-like. So your comparisons have a major flaw...

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I think your post rather proves my point, but my opinion is far from flawed.  Would you be only satisfied if the Wiborg won every comparison?  Could it be also said that your opinion is flawed then?
Please know I appreciate your feedback I'm just saying the overall review is just on one brush so the review is very limited

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(03-26-2017, 02:18 PM)TheLegalRazor Wrote: Dave, thanks for an interesting thread, which I know took a lot of time an effort to put up.  I think most of us understand that the thread represents only one man's subjective opinion.  Nevertheless, it was enjoyable reading.

Agreed! Great thread and very enjoyable to read. Unfortunately it only covered one Wiborg brush but still gives everyone a very good idea of the brand

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