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...the other thing is: I can't use any of my favorite badgers more than 1-2 days in a row without giving them time off, otherwise their knot gets into the "too floppy" zone.
I can and do use my synthetics (same one(s)) for days and days and their knot is consistent from day to day.

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 Yesterday, 05:41 AM
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Maybe off topic a bit but Muhle HJM tends to "drip" less than my other synthetics.

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 Yesterday, 05:44 AM
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I have been using the Chubby 2 and Duke 3 synthetic for a month now and I have to agree that the badger brushes does have a more superior feel for face lathering, no question about it.  These 2 synthetic does feel great on the face, soft, no scritch at all, just different and the technique for using them is also different, as others mentioned I also squeezed all the waters out of the brush before loading and it seems to work fine.  I use them regularly and enjoy the variety.

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