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Looking to sell a very seldom used brush that I had Rudy Vey make for me. 

4" Barber Pole design. Curly Koa wood. 
32mm TGN 2 Band Finest knot
55mm loft

Paid $140 new. 

Looking for $75 Paypal shipped CONUS Priority with tracking. 

Looking to sweeten the deal! 

I'm throwing in 2 Boar brushes and 1 Horse Hair Brush.  This adds another $25 or so to the retail value. 

Omega 10049 Boar Bush (red handle)

Overall Height: 126 mm 
Loft: 63 mm 
Knot: 25 mm

Omega 20106 Boar Brush (black handle)
Overall Height: 130 mm
Loft: 65 mm
Knot: 28 mm

Turkish Horse Hair brush - I think this is the number 6. 
Loft: 50 mm
Knot: 21 mm

Take all four brushes (Rudy Vey, Omega, Omega and Turkish) for only $65 Shipped! CONUS only. USPS Priority Mail with tracking. 

[Image: WXYRxuZ.jpg]

Included pics from myself comparing to my Simpsons Polo 10 Manchurian and Rudy's original pictures sent to me. 

The Rudy Vey 32x55 is on the right in the comparisons. Polo Manchurian is not for sale at this time. 

[Image: 0zhZzG1.jpg]

[Image: ogbhMq4.jpg]

[Image: hFtSwNQ.jpg]

[Image: 7eaOvn5.jpg]

[Image: y4UzCaJ.jpg]

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