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Looking to trade a couple of very nice Schick razors. 

The Schick E2 was one of their more "aggressive" razors...although with that said, it's not particularly aggressive (I consider it mild to moderate). It does shave very nice however and is very efficient in what it does. It is on the smaller side however and is pretty light when compared to my SS DE stable.  

The Schick Paul Revere razor is somewhat collectible and the length of the handle is a definite plus for me. It's a mild shaver (think Feather AS-D2) and provides an "auto pilot" type of shaving experience. I personally think that the Revere and the Schick Type F were their best looking razors. 

Both razors are in pretty good shape and should serve you well for years to come. 

I'm including 2 new packs of injector blades with the sale. 

I will trade them for or towards any of the following: 

1. ATT Colossus Handle x 1
2. iKon OSS Handles x 2
3. RazoRock Hulk Synthetic Brush
4. Items plus cash for an ATT M2 Baseplate or complete Head. 

[Image: hdvRnWz.jpg]

[Image: jIXgQpu.jpg]

[Image: JBLEooU.jpg]

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 03-21-2017, 07:37 AM
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Why you always pair one razor I want and other I don't ? GLWTS

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