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I just received this brush from Ricardo last week. It is a beautiful brush in a lovely color. Paladin truly makes some outstanding brushes. This is the second Falstaff I have tried, with my first being a 26mm. I love the handle design but it just does not feel comfortable to me. I purchased this brush hoping the extra height of the 28mm would feel better. Unfortunately I just can not get along with this handle. I used this brush exactly once, as I just couldn't resist. Comes with INFO card and DOES NOT have tube. 

Open to trades for other brushes 26-28mm. Handle height 50mm+


Modern razors

We can add Paypal funds either way to even things out. 

If I can not find a trade, I will sell for the same $180 shipped I paid. Retail is $220 

[Image: uYfhWXB.jpg]
[Image: XN7Q3Hs.jpg]

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