03-24-2017, 03:06 PM
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I start to cleaning and these items must go to make space for Myrosol Extra or F/Extra.
Here is what I'd like to sell or trade for Myrsol.
This is my first time here so if something is wrong please let me know.
Reef Point Soap 6oz ( I used maybe 10 times and every time I got burned) - with box weight shows 221 gr
DR. Harris Marlborough (I can not make good lather from it and tried - don't want to spend more time on it) soap itself weight 91gr ( 9 gr I used)
Bakelite Phoenix open comb slant ( tried 3 times and I gave up) - now have Rockwell and don't need this item.
Adding 4 shave creams: Pascale, Old Spice, Bond, LeMans
Sample from Stirling, Edwin Jagger, I Coloniali, Bluebeards, Muhle.
Pre-shave Lime scent oil from Maggard 2oz. not used.
Total value without shave creams (Pascale, Bond, LeMans not available in US as I know) is 68$
I would like to trade for Myrsol Extra or F/Extra (about 75% of 180ml) or 35$
I will add also not shown on pictures blades: Triton, Polsilver and a few other.
I hope somebody will enjoy more. It it CONUS. If you trade you paying for shipping to me and I pay to ship to you.
I can ship only in Saturdays (working long hours and shifts).
If you have question please let me know.
Good Luck

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[Image: KCr9dFH.jpg]
[Image: E6GSSjr.jpg]

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 03-24-2017, 03:33 PM
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PM question sent

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 03-24-2017, 04:35 PM
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Thank you jjfar

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