03-27-2017, 05:43 AM
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SOLD!  Thanks TSN!

Hi everyone - 


For sale is the Parker Variant Adjustable Razor in Satin Finish.  Weighs approximately 110 grams/3.8 ounces and is 88 mm/3.5 inches long.  I have limited experience with adjustable razors (Merkur Progress/Mergress and vintage Gillette adjustables) but this to me is the best that I have tried.  This solves the key issue for me with regard to the Progress in that it provides a very nice and grippy texture to the handle.  Otherwise, in all respects, it almost exactly like the Progress.  It has the same adjustable mechanism, has the same balance in the hand, and is probably only a hair more aggressive than the Progress.  If the Progress is at a 2, then this razor is at a 2.5.  The handle is a satin-chromed brass.  I bought this for $57 (exclusive of shipping) about two weeks ago and I am the only owner.  I am looking for $50.

I will ship this via USPS Priority Mail with tracking and will include an unused shave soap stick of Speick.  If you are an international buyer, please contact me for shipping rates and services.

Thanks for looking,

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