03-28-2017, 01:45 PM
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Thought I would post about this brand as you don't hear about them much

I recently bought some soaps from Soap Smooth and am really impressed. I bought Lime Soda based on a Chris Bailey video, and ended up getting frozen cranberry and Jasmine Tea. I was so surprised on how great and unique the frozen cranberry was. The Lime Soda really smells like a lime soda. Not sure how they get that "soda smell" in there!

Both the tallow and vegan soaps explode instantly with lather. I scrape my soap into a bowl and used pieces 3/4 the size of my pinky nail and still had more lather than I needed. It didnt matter if it was tallow or vegan

The soap maker sent me a smear of Rose Coco in a zip lock bag. This is the best scent I have smelled in a long time. Not over powering, but a perfect blend. I was afraid of the chocolate smell, but it really doesn't smell like chocolate when blended in his mix. It smells like it's paying tribute to roses without being too "rosey". Performs well and leaves just the right amount of "after slickness" when you wash off. I wish more soap makers would be willing to give a "smear" as I ended up buying it the next day (along with figoconut). The maker also spent a lot of time with me talking about his soaps via email. Just thought I would share

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 03-30-2017, 04:18 PM
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Plus One on the Soap Smooth.  Their scents are absolutely incredible.  I agree about the lather.

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