04-02-2017, 12:29 PM
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It time to take out stuff and make some space for other products:
For sale CONUS is a few very difficult to find AS from Poland and Sweden.
Eau De Cologne Admiral --> Polish elegant glass bottle used a twice. Aquatic pine(?) scent 100ml
Lider (glass bottle) --> if you like Lider shave cream you will love AS matching pair (this has more subtle scent) use a few times 100ml
Tcheon Fung Sing(glass bottle) - Torino Forti Sensazioni 70 - did not like scent 100ml
Henri et Victoria (glass bottle) - Bergamot Vetiver (Canadian product) tried to like it but not my cup of tee, about 80% from 100ml
Aco (Swedish) - 250ml (plastic bottle) - at least 200ml inside again not my cup of tee.
Stirling Pre-Shave oil Bergamotto (glass bottle) used twice and kill the lather at least 90% of product inside 100ml
Shave creams:
                      Mondial Bergamotto Neroli  from refill 125ml used 4 times and every time irritated my skin added plastic tub ask you can see almost full
                      Brutal shave cream perfect match with eau de cologne or AS legendary Brutal.
Since it is heavy package I would like to sell (including shipping priority) 75$. I can ship only in Saturday (long hours working and shifts). If you let me know before Friday 5PM i will ship in Saturday.
Time for pictures:
[Image: Akv0ozc.jpg]
[Image: l3BLN9i.jpg]
[Image: l0cwOto.jpg]


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