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A number of folks have asked how our multi plate "fixed adjustable" concept came to be. I would like to say it was from extensive market research or a great revelation while sitting under a tree. However, the truth is I recalled as a kid watching my dad using his socket wrench set, one handle with a variety of sockets to fit various sized nuts and bolts.

From the beginning, my intent was to develop a "razor system" that would make it possible for various ATT handles, plates and caps to be interchangeable. This would allow customers to customize their razor and also expand their razor's flexibility with the addition of more plates, heads, etc. Interchangeable parts worked well for Henry Ford, so I thought they would work well for me as well.

To provide additional value we offered the ATT razor line in single razors and in five piece and seven piece sets since buying the sets is cheaper than buying the same parts separately.


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