04-08-2017, 07:07 AM
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For sale today is a second generation polished Blackbird SB razor and 72 blades included. PayPal only, price includes priority shipping in the United States. Please PM your interest. 

Polished Blackbird SB razor with 5 Gillette super stainless (green), 7 Gillette super platinum (black), 5 Polsilver, 5 Rapira platinum lux, 10 Gillette wilkinson sword, 10 Sharks super stainless steel, and 30 Personna lab blue blades. Selling for $190. Retail price is $215 for the razor. 

[Image: f6db5cfdb775fbbf885e69a45171ae3a7d070694.JPG]

[Image: e46bdf0fa3dc9d84686d2f1fff25b86f7bfd96b8.JPG]
[Image: 854cc54b4631f861b6ead256e8b7deef27dac47a.JPG]
[Image: 56c48ac52a51f86316636159b29c88bb9366d8e8.JPG]
[Image: 128a18eda0b4e8461fccafaa7666eac9c480d399.JPG]

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