04-22-2017, 07:39 PM
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(04-22-2017, 01:25 PM)Noire Wrote: Well . . . when going to the pharmacies around here all the razor blade cartridges are locked up like some valuable commodity and you have to go to the counter to ask for what you want. As well as an inconvenience, this was a bit strange, so asked them why this was. They explained that the cartridges have become so expensive that many men steal them so they can shave. Now what kind of a society is this where men have to steel bits of plastic with a few thin pieces of dull metal to shave - that was a perplexing question.

Then, when marketers came up with their next "new" shaving product for men and began putting 2,3,4,5 thin dull pieces of metal in the plastic and calling it revolutionary, well, again what does it say about products for men to shave with and the people selling these to men . . . Then, once the super valuable cartridges were obtained at an inconvenience and outrageous price, found only one of the cartridge blades would actually last a few months and provide a bit of a shave, while the other 9 were duds and didn't last but a few days and were dull from the get-go (mind you the beard is like a wire brush . . . but still).

So extremely exasperated with the whole thing, inconvenience, expense (i.e. rip-off as only one in the package of blades actually worked), sub-par shave, plus some philosophizing and hard thinking about this dilemma . . . came to the realization, that . . . there must be an alternative. So what else was out there . . . the old-timers used safely razors, DE and SE and some used straight razors. Looked on-line, and low and behold these devices were still in use and could be found used, and some new and blades were still available. Then soon after this, everything changed as one day found a 1955 Gillette SuperSpeed in a second-had store, and ordered some blades online - then with great anticipation waited for them to arrive.

Well, what a revelation . . . the older technology worked better for my beard. The other thing that happened when this subversive activity was engaged in - as really feel like transcending societal norms and pulling one over on them (in a good way) - the acquisitions took over at this point as the rush of being a subversive set in . . . so now have a nice collection of straight razors, badger brushes and soaps. Some days do feel bad though for the men stuck within the "system" - one that for obvious reasons I strongly denounce.

Great words!

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 04-23-2017, 06:18 AM
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(04-09-2017, 05:15 AM)Lipripper60 Wrote: Hey fellas!  I'm interested in hearing how you found this hobby.  Be specific.  LETS GO!

I saw the Art of Manliness article "How to shave like your grandpa" and thought it looked cool. Glad I tried it and stuck with it. Now it's my daily routine.

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 04-23-2017, 06:23 AM
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My wife got "the Man Who Has Everything" a membership to DSC. Not having thought about my Mach3 or any alternatives to it for 30+ years, I decided to take on a project to determine what would provide me with the best shave. Tried Gillette, DSC, Harry's, and then ran across the badger and blade forums and learned about DE shaving. I'm about 45 days in now, and so far down the rabbit hole with razor acquisitions, brush projects and soup trials that I will likely never find my way back to the cartridges.

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 04-23-2017, 06:24 AM
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Just learned about GEM razors today. The rabbit hole has become more of a gaping open area every day.

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 05-03-2017, 03:32 PM
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My dad got me into DE shaving ! Gave me my first razor...1953 Super Speed.

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 05-03-2017, 04:58 PM
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(04-23-2017, 06:23 AM)Baylorgator Wrote: My wife got "the Man Who Has Everything" a membership to DSC.  Not having thought about my Mach3 or any alternatives to it for 30+ years, I decided to take on a project to determine what would provide me with the best shave.  Tried Gillette, DSC, Harry's, and then ran across the badger and blade forums and learned about DE shaving. I'm about 45 days in now, and so far down the rabbit hole with razor acquisitions, brush projects and soup trials that I will likely never find my way back to the cartridges.

That'll happen

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 09-09-2017, 06:03 AM
  • carvelo
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Such an epic event in my life......... I don't remember. Seriously, I don't.

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 09-10-2017, 05:57 AM
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I absolutely hated shaving. I would shave once a week because my neck looked awful if i shaved more than that. I dont have a thick beard so truthfully it looked bad walking around with 4 or 5 days growth. Plus at first i wanted a cheaper way to shave. 

So i started looking up better ways to shave. And saw some articles and posts from forums like this one. Everyone was talking about wet shaving. I had no clue what that meant but i figured id give it a try. I did some research and ended up ordering a edwin jagger de89, a VDH brush and bowl, and proraso white soap. 

Instantly i knew it was better. I liked the de89 and proraso but wasnt thrilled with the VDH badger brush so i ordered a B&B essential boar brush because i liked the look of it. After a couple weeks of shaving i was in love. I ordered a ceramic jar of Mitchells wool fat and never looked back. 

Ive been wet shaving for 6 years now and while it definitely wasnt cheaper i absolutely love this hobby.

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 09-12-2017, 01:26 PM
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Geo's videos first introduced me to traditional shaving.

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 09-15-2017, 11:49 AM
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Much like some others, I started by watching my father when I was young. Later, I don't remember what age, I noticed peach fuzz on my upper lip. I figured, I guess, it was time. My dad had 2 razors, a gold Gillette, I think called a twist top. You unscrewed the top slipped a blade in and put it all back together. His other was a Gillette butterfly type. I chose the butterfly and a brand new Blue Blade. As I remember, many decades later, it didn't go too badly. I used the razor for the next several years. My father preferred the gold one.

After 3 yrs in the Army, I came home briefly in 1968, before beginning a career and picked up where I'd left off. When I left, to pursue my career my father gave me the old Gillette I used. I used it until sometime around 1990 when double edge blades seemed to vanish from the shelves. I was forced to move to the multi blade abortions. I hated them then, hated them all the years I used them, and still hate them.

Finally, a year or so ago I discovered various brands on the Internet. I'd never heard of companies like Dorco, Van der Hagen, and a few others. I bought a small quantity of Dorco and Van der Hagen. For me, Dorco shaved like a dream. Van der Hagen was okay but didn't quite do as well as the Dorco. As an aside, it also took me a few shaves to recover the skill I once had. Shaving with lightweight multi blade monstrosities is different than with a real razor.

Anyway, I'm back after a long time. I've got my mug, Williams soap, my old Gillette.....it's a Super Speed and I'm happy again, or as happy as any normal guy can be at having to shave. By the way, I didn't know what model the razor was until recently. It was always just 'my old Gillette.' I've no idea when it was made. There are no codes or numbers under it.

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 09-16-2017, 10:47 AM
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Like most guys in the late 50s started with a de razor that belonged to my father. Later on went to carts, I did otr trucking and a de razor was hard to use when you shave in public restrooms.
About 7 months ago I was looking for deals on fusion blades, and found wet shaving, { still don't know why it's called that}.
Bought a Parker 99r razor, shave cream, and a brush.
Now 11 razors, too many soaps and creams I really enjoy this hobby keeps me busy plus now I enjoy shaving.

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 09-20-2017, 05:27 PM
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That's what my dad did, and when it got time for me to start, I used his stuff and then got my own stuff. Aside from a couple of electrics now and then, that's what I've always done.

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 09-20-2017, 11:23 PM
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When I went to my father wife house, I saw him picking up a shaving brush and lathering his face.

Then I saw him with a Gillette TTO and a DE blade, and I thought that kind of blade was too dangerous... until I try.

Father wife shaving set.

[Image: 71955840fb98f227c8b6ad90e747b0c5.jpg]

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 09-21-2017, 03:18 AM
  • Johnny
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On my 15th birthday 1961, my Father gave me a new Schick Injector, a boar brush, a puck of Colgate Shave Soap, and a bottle of Mennen Skin Bracer.  I have not missed a day of wet shaving since then.  I still use the Schick Injector that he gave me and from time to time Mennen Skin Bracer, but my soap and brush preferences have changed drastically over the years.

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 09-21-2017, 05:48 AM
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My story is not as good as Johnny's. 

About eight years ago I was introduced to wet shaving by means of a Shave Forum called 'B and B'. 

Ever since then I've been using a DE razor and blades. 

I use this stuff because it's darn good shaving gear. 

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 09-22-2017, 02:54 AM
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(04-09-2017, 04:04 PM)Mouser Wrote: Back in 2011 or so my wife and I were at a quaint little town about 20 minutes away or so where we sometimes stay at a B&B to get away close to home. It's quite an unique place rather like a small New England town from the turn of the 19th century. It has a rather large ,old hotel, about a 150 years old or so, that's very popular with upper class tourists from Europe. A quick drive to the attractions but out in the country on a scenic lake. Anyways we were in one of our favorite shops and I noticed they had some shaving soaps for sale and some forgettable boar brushes. The soap was Lightfoot's Pine soap and although now I wouldn't use it if it was free it was leaps and bounds better than the canned goo I had been using. When that puck ran out I bought the more expensive brand they had, PdP, which to this day I consider one of my better, not best, soaps. I used that combination for about two years before I decided to spring for a double edge razor. Shortly after that I found two of my Dad's and one of my grandfather's old razors, sent them to Razor Emporium to be refinished and I haven't looked back.

To expand on my little story, those first two years I was using those soaps, and after 6 months or so I discovered lathering creams, namely TOBS, but continued to use my multiblade modern razor out of, to be honest, fear. I finally gave in and bought my first DE razor, a beautiful almost pristine reconditioned Fat Boy and case. Not long after I found my fathers old 60's era Krona and his T.V. Special SuperSpeed with case and my grandfather's T.V. Special as well. My fathers SuperSpeed is a D1 date while gramps is a D3. As my parents and grandparents were living together at the time in California my guess is dad got his first and gramps was impressed enough to give up his straight and go the same route.

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 09-22-2017, 07:14 AM
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I find it an excellent way to start the day!

I was looking for a new stone to sharpen hunting knives and found Straight Razor Designs.  $100 later and a new Dovo Best purchased I bought a deluxe kit from VdH with badger brush and I was on my way to shaving like grandpa.  $$$$$ later I have a healthy collection of soaps and brushes and straights and even the occasional double edge.

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 09-22-2017, 10:33 AM
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I somehow stumbled upon a Nick Shaves video on YouTube and that was all she wrote. I binge watched his videos and other YouTubers that he mentioned and my first shave items were a Merkur 34C with an Astra SP blade, AoS Pure Badger brush (such a terrible brush looking back - luckily it was a gift), and B&M Seville. Other than the brush, not sure my introduction to wet shaving could have been any better! I've really gotten in deep in this hobby and only wish I'd have found it way sooner.....like before marriage and children lol.

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 09-25-2017, 09:05 AM
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About 5 or so years ago I just got really tired of paying out so much $$ for expensive cartridge blades and Edge gel that gave mediocre results at best. I remembered my father shaving a little differently back in the day and did some internet surfing and Youtubing and found wet shaving. Talked to dad and asked him about it. Bought my first Murker 33 and a cheap boar brush from a hair supply shop, and picked up a puck of Col Conk lime. A few months later I asked my father about the razor he used to use and he was able to find it in an old box and handed it down to me. It is a 1959 E2 Gillette Red Tip and is still one of my most treasured gifts from him. Found some other forums and started trying some "pass around" boxes or hardware and software. Was completely hooked after that. Such a great thing for newbies to try a bunch of different things before buying.

Although my father still shaves with cartridges out of ease I guess, my hope is that one day I will put together a nice wet shaving set as a gift to him and he gets back into it. He was always a great dad to me, and was always there for me, but we just never shared any common interests, or he never took me out to expose me to any of his. He loved to hunt, but I never got to go out with him or even shoot guns together with him even to this day, but I got into that on my own. Never really fished together until later in life, and so on... All of which I am now exposing my young children to in the hopes that they will find something they truly love and that we can share a lifelong bond with.

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 09-25-2017, 02:51 PM
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Long long ago and in a land far far away...

"Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three. Five is right out!"

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