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Here we have a top of the range strop from the invisible edge the reason for sale is I have to many strops, the strop is in perfect condition beautiful workmanship the handle is spalted maple, the strop retails for £179 + postage from the Invisible edge yours for £110 including recorded delivery within the UK and Europe you need to add a little more for the US.

These custom hanging strops are of the highest quality and are hand made for us in England. This strop features an spalted maple wood handle, a Superleather™ strop attached by chicago screws, a bonded flax backing and robust stainless steel fittings. Overall length 720 mm, leather width 77 mm, useable leather bed length 465 mm. All sizes approximate and may vary as each piece is individual. Similarly wood graining and colouration will differ from one strop to the next. Each is unique. These strops are truly top-class and have deliberately been produced up to a quality and not down to a price. The SuperLeather™ strop bed is a multi-tanned cowhide. This leather is tanned and processed by a unique method, giving superb draw and a great working surface. It features a fine flax linen backing which is bonded to the leather and which stiffens the strop and results in an extremely durable construction. The fittings and wall plate are of stainless steel while these and the handle are affixed to the strop with robust chicago screws. These allow for potential bed replacement in the future.

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