04-10-2017, 09:58 AM
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So, this company was recently purchased.  I had been using their rose scented soaps -  on, &, off - for years.  They were recently purchased by a company from New York.  I have forgotten which one, though.  

they have re-done several of their products, organizing them into lines, which makes it quite interesting (,yet, somewhat frustrating, as not everything from before landed where I thought it ought to have so done [I really would have liked to been at work for the new project {I miss the business world}])

I am in love with their Rozan soap, from the 'Deco' line.  All of the soaps from that line come in art deco packages.  I am curious about their 'Classico' line, and, would like to learn more about it.  

Does anyone else love these soaps as much as I do?

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 04-11-2017, 02:26 PM
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I'm a fan of Ach Brito soaps in general, its what I generally use. It's a shame that only recently their Musgo Real shaving soap was reformulated, as the previous formulations were absolutely horrid. Love the aftershave and balm, though.

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