04-10-2017, 06:06 PM
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I have the following brushes and razor for sale.
No issues or problems with anything. I am just not using these. 
As much as I love to own this stuff, it just doesn't make sense for me at this time to keep everything.

US buyers preferred at first please.  
PayPal fees and US shipping included in prices below. 

All brushes have been cleaned with Zartgefühl Brush-Cleansing Soap except for the Cobalt Sumo which is as received - new and unused.

SOLD Paladin Lotus in Lemon Drop.
Includes cards and tube.

$180.00 New plus shipping (I paid a bit more aftermarket)
*$180.00 http://imgur.com/a/Yl19Q 

SOLD Paladin Lotus in Somerset.
Includes cards and tube.

$180.00 New plus shipping
*$180.00 http://imgur.com/a/oCDoQ

SOLD Paladin Sumo in Cobalt never used. 
Includes cards and tube.

$140.00 New plus shipping
*$140.00 http://imgur.com/a/YXzus 

SOLD Paladin Sumo in Faux Ivory.
Includes cards and tube.

$140.00 New plus shipping
*$140.00 http://imgur.com/a/OLHpz 

Simpsons Polo 8 Super 2 Band
no box. not original owner. Older 2 band hair. Closer to current Manchurian feel than the more recent 2 band Silvertip. 

$200.00 http://imgur.com/a/1Hhqk 
[Image: sY6uRSa.jpg]

Simpsons Chubby 3 with Elite Razor Manchurian knot. 31mm X 53mm
I restored this last month and the handle is just too short for me. Used 3 times. Lathered with brush cleaning soap to defunk when new and after last use.
Still has Harrod's price tag on the bottom. I put clear nail polish over the original sticker which I tried to touch up in the bottom center corner with an ink pen along the outside outline. 

$180.00 http://imgur.com/a/x02jV 
[Image: DVYjysl.jpg]

Gillette Bulldog
As shown. Has not been cleaned or polished. Teeth appear to be in good shape. Silver plated. Hard to tell condition of plating without some work that I don't have the time for. Handle has no obvious breaks but under flash and magnification there is a possible crack. Can't tell much more without cleaning and polishing. 

$100.00 http://imgur.com/a/ZSGwI [Image: HMv4urJ.jpg]

Please PM me with questions and I'll do my best to respond to everyone.

Some extra pictures linked next to prices above. 
I'm happy to answer questions and get more pictures if there's a major question that only a photo can satisfy but it's easier said than done during the day with a toddler running around.  Biggrin

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 04-10-2017, 06:19 PM
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I'll take the lemon drop!

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 04-10-2017, 06:30 PM
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Wow, great brushes all around!

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 04-10-2017, 06:40 PM
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Lemon Drop Lotus has been sold.
Faux Ivory Sumo is sold.
Cobalt Sumo sold.
Somerset Lotus sold.

Polo 8 in 2 band available
Chubby 3 available
Gillette Bulldog available

Feel free to make me an offer. International shipping at actual cost too.

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