04-11-2017, 08:53 AM
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I am clearing out some space in my den and have the following available:

*Strop Shoppe Pêche. Used 3-4xs. $17 shipped.

*Strop Shoppe Alpine Frost. NEW. $17 shipped.

*Strop Shoppe Solsetio. Used 3-4x. $17 shipped.

*Strop Shoppe Russian Tea. Used 3-4x. $17 shipped.

*Strop Shoppe Teakwood. Used 3-4x. $17 shipped.

*Strop Shoppe Debonair Aftershave 90% remaining. $25 shipped.

These are no longer made.

CONUS. PM if interested. Thanks all![Image: 293a333b77d8b7e9d90d6fdd73347873.jpg]

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