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For those reading this who were not yet sentient beings in 1952, some explanation of the topic line:
That year, there was a major motion picture on all the big screens starring José Ferrer, and the main song, or theme, from that motion picture became a million seller record, performed by Percy Faith, a familiar pop band leader of that era.  There was a vocalist on the record — her only major hit — but she basically got to sing only the last verse of the song because Mr. Ego Percy Faith consumed one minute and 36 seconds (96 seconds) of the three minute, 19 second (199 seconds) playtime — that is, just about half of the entire play time on the record — with a VERY extended and very florid instrumental introduction to the vocal (plus some instrumental flourishes at the end, after Ms. Sanders had sung her last syllable).  In homage to the slighted Ms. Sanders, I offer this VERY extended, and barely topical, introduction to what follows.]

Moderator Note:  Link to YouTube video of Percy Faith song edited out.

The name of the Song that Felicia Sanders sang:  “The Song from Moulin Rouge.”  The motion picture was about Paris and the nightlife and the romances in the time of Henri Toulouse-Lautrec, and the Moulin Rouge — which means Red Donkey — was the nightspot at the center of the action.  

The relevance to this subforum is that there has been some excitement in the past 22 months about a certain shaving soap, La Savonnière du Moulin (“Soapmaker of the Donkey,” often abbreviated SdM), from a town roughly midway between Paris, France, and Stuttgart, Germany, in the northeast corner of France; the distinctive feature of the soap is that it comprises a dollop (more about that below) of Donkey Milk.  There has been a quite extensive thread (link) about that soap on this forum, in which every possible pun and double entendre about “ass milk” has been aired, and I do not intend to resurrect the wordplay here.  The same thread has some discussion of a second French shaving soap containing Donkey Milk, Le Savon des Volcans (SdV), from a soapmaker called Savonnière du Bon Berger (“Soapmaker of the Good Shepherd”) in the small town of Auvergne, located a long way to the south-southwest of La Savonnière du Moulin.  Savon des Volcans shaving soap with Donkey Milk also has received praise on this board.  Site sponsor (and co-founder) BullGoose Shaving stocks both of the soaps.

Somewhere in the discussion of the two French Donkey Milk soaps was a tangential thread relating to the claim by the maker of SdM that the shaving soap comprises 30% Donkey Milk.  Assuming that the listing of ingredients adheres to the American and European rule of listing ingredients in order of decreasing volume, the 30% claim appears not to be congruent with the ingredients as far as we know them.  Here are the ingredients of SdM as they are listed on the BullGoose Shaving website:  

Potassium Palmate
Sodium Palmate
Potassium Palm Kernelate
Sodium Palm Kernelate
Palm Kernel Acid
Sodium chloride
pentasodium penetate
tetrasodium etidronate
lacta asinus
hydroxyisohexyl 3-cyclohexene
evernia prunastri (oakmoss) extract
vitis vinifera
CI 7789

Lacta asinus
(Donkey Milk) is the eleventh ingredient listed, and if each of the ten ingredients that precede it in that listing exceed 30% by volume of the total 100%, the total volume will far exceed 300% of 100%, a surd.  Of greater concern to me than the percentage of the soap that is Donkey Milk, however, is the appearance of palm oil derivatives as the first four — and five of the first seven — ingredients by prevalence in the soap’s formulation.  [Moderator Note:  Link to article about palm oil edited out].    In the same vein, the top ingredients in SdV are similar to those in SdM:  

potassium palmate
sodium palmate
potassium stearate
potassium palm kernelate
asinae lac
butyrospernum parkii butter
mentha arvensis oil
palm kernel acid

(I am going to step down from the social and environmental “soap box” now.)  

Recently, a shaving soap maker in the United States — New Jersey, actually — WhollyKaw (a pun on Holy Cow) has begun to sell a new Donkey Milk shaving soap called Monaco Royale, and Teiste has offered a glowing review of WhollyKaw Monaco Royale on this subforum.  The ingredients — aside from the Donkey Milk — that WhollyKaw employs to make Monaco Royale are radically different from the non-Donkey Milk ingredients of SdM and SdV.  WhollyKaw has a second Donkey Milk-enhanced soap in process, Fougère Bouquet Special Edition, which is scheduled to be shipped “before April 30,” and yr obdnt srvnt is on the list to receive a unit of the first shipment.  

IN THE MEANTIME, yesterday, I received in the mail from site sponsor TheSuperiorShave a 75 gram puck of a fourth (fifth?) shaving soap comprising some Donkey Milk (percentage not specified), hailing from the same small town, Auvergne, from which SdV hails; the maker is La Savonnerie Bourbonnaise, and the soap is scented with Cedar and Lemongrass (but the scent is underpowering, which is just fine with me).  I shaved with it this morning, but, obeying at least the spirit, and perhaps the letter, of my own Two Dozen Rule, I shall not review La Savonnerie Bourbonnaise Cedar & Lemongrass here until I have properly dialed in how best to maximize its virtues, and perhaps have given it a chance to go head-to-head against the Fougère Bouquet Special Edition offering from WhollyKaw.

In the meantime, in the spirit of fairness, here is the ingredient listing for the Cedar & Lemongrass Donkey Milk shaving soap from La Savonnerie Bourbonnaise:

Olea europa oil (olive oil)
Cocos nucifera oil (coconut oil)
Lacta asinus (Donkey Milk)
Aqua (HOH)
Sodium hydroxide (lye [used in the saponification process])
Butyrospermum parkii butter ([Western Africa] shea butter)
Cedrus atlantica bark oil (cedar)
Cymbopogon shoenanthus oil (lemongrass)
Illite citral (pink clay)
Géraniol (an essential oil of geranium, lemon, and citronella)

It’s always like this:
I worry and wonder ...
     — Felicia Sanders

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Interesting reading.
Look forward to further testing results and will value you opinion !

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Give me hydroxyisohexyl 3-cyclohexene and butylphenyl in my morning shave soap

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