04-16-2017, 05:35 PM
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Two lathering bowls for sale today.  Each works quite well with soaps or creams, but I prefer scuttles.  Because of shipping costs, I'd like to sell both together for $36 shipped.  SOLD

First, a beautiful Elan McPherson Buddha bowl in teal blue, 135mm top inside diameter x 75mm tall, with a great thumb hold.  It has a tiny ding at the top of the handle side, which I tried to show in the last image.  Retails for $36.99 at Amazon.
[Image: eEljkAn.jpg][Image: c3YsuVj.jpg][Image: hT613ps.jpg]
And second, a Helen Chen suribachi (Japanese mortar and pestle), which has a ridge pattern in the bowl that makes it perfect for building lather, 130mm top inside diameter x 60mm tall.  Retails for $16.83 at Amazon.
[Image: s8tGD3f.jpg][Image: Mv0JbCx.jpg][Image: yuHmpnQ.jpg]

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