04-24-2017, 01:14 PM
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Just a couple of last items here to move along
All are Conus free shipping with paypal etc

Also open to trades  on all except the PIF(which is free).

24MM Tuxedo - Extra Dense Synthetic Shaving Brush Knot- Black/White Retail $16.95 + $6.95 shipping(from canada) +Handle $12.00 +my labor( no charge
First up, a Tuxedo Synthetic Knot in a vintage restored Rex handle   $30   $28.00 shipped + PIF Gillette
also comes with   PIF Black handle Gillette Superspeed date code S1 ( 1972)
That i received from a great Member here. Now to pass it along.

Specs are 24 mm X 54mm
[Image: g3NYD1K.jpg]

[Image: o8swR5P.jpg]
[Image: kw8UItv.jpg]

[Image: ibwHRuD.jpg]

Next up Two handles  $12.00   $10.00 for both shipped Retail NA( half of 2 razors?)
One is a stainless steel from a RR Mission razor way to long for me 
wt=75 gr  lenght =3 5/8 in or 90mm
second is from a Parker 26c Nickel plated brass and black enamel
wt=70gr lenght=3 7/8in or 100mm
[Image: vIhUJdA.jpg]

[Image: 1FA0Iul.jpg]

[Image: SEB1ZCw.jpg]

Thanks for looking

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 04-25-2017, 01:24 PM
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Prices are reduced on both items listed .
Thanks all

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