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I have a very cool 1940's British Flat-Bottomed Gillette Tech in excellent condition! This first generation Fat Handle Tech features a flat bottom, slotted base plate, and is slightly more aggressive than later triangular base plated models. I found it in Australia after some time searching.

On the base of the razor there is a Gillette logo and Made in England engraving, but no date code. The razor has aged beautifully, with only minor scratching to report to the head of the item, and a small amount of brassing on the collar of it's handle. The razor's blade gap is perfectly even and straight.

I am only selling because I like more aggressive razors. As a special bonus, with this sale I am including a number of Imaginary Authors fragrance samples including:
  • A City on Fire
  • An Air of Despair (very rare LE frag. I bought this single sample for $15)
  • Cape Heartache
  • Every Storm a Serenade
  • Slow Explosions
  • The Soft Lawn
  • Cobra and The Canary
If you've been wanting to try IA this is a great opportunity!

All for $40 shipped!

[Image: 6OUkOOj.jpg]
[Image: bMip4kx.jpg]
[Image: M588IW6.jpg]
[Image: HmIFIR7.jpg]
[Image: 0ShkV7W.jpg]
[Image: yj9h4y8.jpg]

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