04-27-2017, 08:32 AM
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Up for sale is a complete Charcoal Goods shiny solid brass razor set. This is a level #2 base plate production number #54. The handle is a Charcoal Goods "Stars & Strips" limited edition. The stand is also solid brass(Charcoal Goods) and beautiful. Also included is a Charcoal Goods wood case. It originally came unlined but I added a liner. The razor fits perfectly in the case. The shave is remarkable and base plates can be bought either to a level 1 or 3.  Level 1 is EJ type shaving. Level 2 in between. Level 3 more aggressive but very smooth.
At the moment you can't buy a razor because there is a waiting list. I can compare quality to Wolfman but the shave is much better. This set is mint.

Sold as a set. List price is $315.00 + shipping
My price $275.00 includes USA only Priority shipping

[Image: uNTTt7V.jpg][Image: Gki0o3U.jpg]

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