04-28-2017, 11:21 AM
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[Image: c25c1722aff4c459b37b5f8bfe7c501c.jpg]

Wholly Kaw is one of those artisans that I truly enjoy its works , like Sapone di Paolo , Cold River Soap Works , WSP and Eufros.

I think that most about these soaps , in every single version (Tallow , vegan , donkey milk...) have been written and told at this point , and I'm afraid I won't say something really new about it.However , as many of the Wholly Kaw soaps , the scent is simply superb.

This tallow version comes on a plastic jar with 4 oz of soaps inside.Its ingredients , as you can read on the top pic , are quality butters (oils) plus Tallow and lanolin.

[Image: df10572b2fdb382059290f3b37f533bf.jpg]

I know I'm repeating myself , but making lather with this soap , is very simple.Here using the Semogue synthetic BC brush.Loading it for 10 seconds :

[Image: 48910f6254e89e033e6390990b0e8d84.jpg]

And the resulting lather after a minute (no water was added) :

[Image: d54766425f7dbce8ca016b39b753fca9.jpg]

The lather is thick , but not as the Monaco Royale version with Donkey Milk.Its also more slick than the Monaco Royale one , and its skin care properties are also the same.Maybe this one leaves my skin a tap drier , but I have Ultra dry skin.If you have normal skin , then this shouldn't be a problem at all.

And it's scent...oh man , another excellent choice indeed , specially if you are a Vetiver lover.

From the Wholly Kaw webpage :

"A combination of lime, lavender, musk, cedarwood and vetiver for a bright and fresh outcome. A masculine scent ideal for spring and summer seasons."

I can only say that it's fresh and woody , with that note of Vetiver , not very strong but enough to distinguish it.Manly scent , with zero sweet notes and a fresh start.Perfect for spring and summer days.I wish I could compare to other scents out there but nothing comes to mind.Maybe another fellow shaver could do that.

If I have to choose my favorite one (so far) from Wholly Kaw , this would be the first one , followed by Fougere Bouquet , Verivertal and Monaco Royale.

Another great option if you're looking for a good artisan shaving soap.

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 04-28-2017, 02:14 PM
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I have heard good things about this soap but have not yet tried it myself. I'll have to pick up a tub.

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 04-28-2017, 04:30 PM
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These are great suds!  The post shave on this soap is incredible.  Scent strength is appropriate while the notes are complex and pleasing.  The matching aftershave differs a little from the soap but it is fantastic.  Lime forward while the lavender provides a refreshing background.  Sort of reminds me of a gin and tonic overall.

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 04-29-2017, 07:33 PM
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Agree. One of my favorite scents I have used thus far. And nothing gets better than this formula. Seriously my favorite artisan on the scene right now.

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 04-29-2017, 08:44 PM
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I tried their fougere bouquet and the performance shot up to be one of my favourite. I have 5 scents in my collection right now and only more will be joining.

Lav Sublime Concerto is one of my newer scent, can't say I love the scent but it may change once I lather up.

Right now I would describe it as spicy lime and citrus.

My next two soaps from Sri, likely will be Fern Concerto and Rose Chypre Concerto.

Though my sample Rose Chypre Concerto didn't come with my package, I still want it though.

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 11-09-2017, 12:47 PM
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Any current opinions on the Lav Sublime Concerto?

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 06-21-2018, 06:10 AM
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Is the Lav Sublime Concerto the same as the Lav Sublime in terms of scent pyramid?

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