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Happy Sunday, everyone.

I'm slowly whittling down my collection of stuff that doesn't see much use, and today have some larger brushes and a few hones I have gravitated away from.

Group shot first:

[Image: 2UtWDhi.jpg]

Anyway, first up the brushes (L to R):

[Image: MbCeUvL.jpg]
full album at http://imgur.com/a/opr2k
  • $125 - Rudy Vey custom 27x54mm d01 3-band bulb.  Used less than 10 times.  I got this brush at the start of no shave November and have kept a beard since that point, so the large brush thing isn't working well...  Scrubby, solid backbone, but just to forewarn, from what I understand these d01 knots break in, so it should end up being relatively soft.  Cost me $180.
  • $125 - Brad Sears Manchurian 26 x 54mm 2-band bulb.  I got this in a trade, so I'm unsure what the model is exactly, but it is similar to that Polo style a lot of brushmakers have.  Very soft, gel-like tips with decent backbone.  I love the knot shape and handle, but find I like more sensation on my skin.  I valued it at roughly $150 during trade.
  • $80 - Rudy Vey custom 26x52mm Romera Manchurian fan.  Used about 15 times.  Same as with the other Rudy Vey above, purchased right when I was starting the beard thing, and hasn't seen much use.  I love this knot - good backbone, soft tips without being gel-like, just about perfect honestly.  I know Romera gets a lot of bad press for inconsistency, so if you want to get a tried and true one without the drama, this is an excellent choice.  Cost me $110. SOLD
Next up the coticules (L to R):

[Image: MYATxKL.jpg]

More photos at http://imgur.com/a/I2YEP
  • $40 - 40x100mm unmarked vein.  Very "grippy" coti that has a pretty distinct draw to it.  Just soft enough to make it an easier-to-use specimen.  I'd recommend this for folks who like hand honing or if you gravitate towards smaller razors in general.  Jarrod at TSS suspected it might be a LGB variety, but I'm fairly certain that is not the case here.  
  • $120 - 40x150mm unmarked vein.  This one is visually stunning with a tiger strip pattern and it has a deep reddish color when wet.  Very, very easy to use, just slurry up and slowly dilute and taper off pressure until arm hairs are popping right off the hone.  Comes with the slurry stone shown.
On to the Apache Hone:

[Image: QQYeODM.jpg]
More photos at http://imgur.com/a/JWj1o
  • $50 - approximately 80x100mm hand hone.  This thing is stupidly smooth, but also extremely slow.  I'd estimate the fine-ness of the grit on this to be roughly equivalent to the JNAT below but slower.  Highly recommended if you like laser edges and have some patience to get it right.  Just play with pressure until you can feel a bit of draw on water and give it 100 laps for an amazing edge.
The odd little thuri:

[Image: Mm1DdDQ.jpg]

More photos at http://imgur.com/a/ZD4JJ

  1. $50 - approximately 5x1 inches with original box.  Silky, glorious draw on the razor, fast working and super smooth edges.  The only downside really is that it is on the narrow side of hones, so you do need a decently steady hand when working with it.  The box label appears to read "The Genuine Water Hone" at the top with some instructions.  SOLD!
JNAT (Okudo Asagi Tomae) with slurry stones:

[Image: QKK42Sy.jpg]

More photos at http://imgur.com/a/PQyNM
  • SOLD! $140 - roughly 6x2.5 inches.  Purchased from Alex at TheJapanStone, it was an "As Is" razor that might or might not have had a toxic inclusion.  I took a gamble and it paid off big time.  The inclusion was surface level and the hones is just plain awesome.  Smooth on top of smooth.  It includes two slurry stones, one which is a piece of the hone itself that was trimmed due to an inclusion, and the other which was recommended for use in finishing.  Personally I've gotten amazing edges on this with just a light slurry from a DMT on the stone itself.  Good speed in general, very forgiving on pressure.  Extremely easy to learn hone.  Similar stones seem to be in the $200ish range on Alex's site now.  SOLD!

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